One Goal: Get the Cerner Transition Right

KSB Hospital is in the middle of implementing a new electronic medical record (EMR) with Cerner.  We’ve done this before, and all hospitals have experienced the challenge of changing and/or upgrading their EMR.

It’s a big job that impacts every member of the KSB organization.  We have committed significant resources to get the start-up right, beginning with hiring a seasoned healthcare Chief Information Officer in Ray Sharp.  KSB is investing in upgrades to our wireless network as well as working with a partner that will make the viewing of previous medical history easier for our providers and clinical teams.

Every year I present annual goals to our Board of Directors.  This year I am presenting one goal:  Successfully implement the Cerner EMR.

KSB has three pillars of success that sit beneath the main goal.  These areas will receive intense focus during the implementation.  We will focus on patient safety in the quality sector, making the transition seamless to our patients in the patient engagement sector, and minimizing revenue cycle disruption in the finance sector.

We have one goal in the first three months of 2019.  I look forward to our success.

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