Email Me Your Thoughts For The Employee Meeting- And Win Some KSB Swag!

The upcoming employee meetings on February 28 and March 1 are just that, your meetings.  I want to know what interests you.  Drop me a note either through email or through the comments section of this blog.  Tell me how you want me to use the time to answer your questions regarding your organization.

If I use your suggestion I will credit you during the presentation, unless you prefer your suggestion remain anonymous.  If I use your question there will be some special KSB swag coming your way.

I hope to hear from you!


  • Trese McNinch
    Posted at 11:02h, 12 February Reply

    One of the things that I feel we should focus on is ALL cancers. The KSB family has lost several members to varying cancers and many more have been diagnosed. We spend a lot of time and money during October for Breast Cancer awareness and put up a big pink ribbon. I think maybe some of our employee contributions could be put towards creating a ribbon or painting the pink one for ALL cancer awareness. Now I know that we as a hospital do care and support all cancers, but publicly all we show support for, along with many many companies and corporations, is Breast Cancer during Breast Cancer awareness month. I have never seen anything promoting or supporting colon cancer awareness during March, save for the one year that CoCo the Colon was in Commerce Towers. Does dietary sport purple shirts during November for Pancreatic Cancer awareness month? Ironically our dear beloved friend Chuck passed in November during Lung cancer awareness month and we were barely even able to wear our supporting shirts for a fellow employee during said month. With a community so close and affected by so many different cancers that we see and treat here at the hospital I feel that we should take the opportunity to PUBLICY show support at all times for all people affected by any sort of cancer. How do you think the people coming in for treatment, labs, medications, etc. feel in October when they have to walk past a big pink ribbon while they are fighting their own esophageal, ovarian, uterine cancer or such. I think the people that we see and treat would be appreciative of a Hospital recognizing all cancer forms all the time and not just the one that the world has picked up on because of the pink.

  • Lorie
    Posted at 12:14h, 12 February Reply

    I agree with the above comment on cancer. I too feel we should focus on ALL cancers and not just one certain type because that is what everyone else does. As someone who lost a family member to cancer and who as a KSB employee has felt the heartache for the
    families of the employees we have lost I feel very strongly about this. Also on a different note I must say I have actually really enjoyed the meeting the last couple of years with the guest speakers. I have left really thinking about the things they say and how I can improve myself both here at KSB and at home.

  • Jason Brusky
    Posted at 13:15h, 13 February Reply

    The usual updates on where we are financially, with quality metrics, and regarding physician recruitment would be nice. It seems that everything is getting drowned out by updates on the Cerner transition. While I understand it is a big deal as you have set it as your 2019 goal, a strong financial base to remain open (I still occasionally hear rumors circulating about being bought out) and providing quality care, as well as keeping KSB the Best Place for Patients seems to be getting forgotten.

  • Michael Sarno
    Posted at 07:46h, 14 February Reply

    I have two topics hoping to get addressed: 1) what can KSB expect differently in 2019 regarding our medical group? New physicians? Any changes? Recruitment strategies and goals? Any areas being focused due to need or impending retirements? 2) What plans moving forward from a remodeling standpoint? Are there large projecting being planned? Anything the employees need to be excited about or should look forward to seeing? Thanks for addressing these topics.

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