Words Of Gratitude From Dave

I learned some things last week.  I learned what a polar vortex could do.  I learned that “generational weather” is not a good thing.  Moreover, I learned that the KSB Family cares deeply about our patients.

I knew that last one.  You reinforced my learning when the weather was horrible, and all of us wanted to stay inside.

You cared for over 750 patients on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, when the wind chill was -50 and the experts were telling us to stay inside.  The advice was solid.  Our patients needed to be served.

That’s conflict.

Deciding to ask employees to leave their homes in frigid, dangerous weather is heartwrenching.  I sought the input of Medical Staff leadership and Board Leadership.  Your Administrative Team huddled to discuss our options.

At the end of the day, it came down to my decision.  I opted to remain open.  You answered the call, even if you did not agree or like my decision.  KSB held a meeting of the Board of Directors Wednesday morning.  Including one member that called in from home (for six hours!), we had 100% attendance.

And for all employees and board members, I am thankful.

Leaving church this weekend a friend stopped me to say she had a surgery scheduled for Wednesday. She had taken time off work and wanted to have the procedure as planned.  And she did, and for that she was thankful.

She was thankful to you.  You are the ones that started your cars early, scraped off the ice, put on more layers of clothes than you ever have, and came to work.

It’s what we do, even when we don’t like the decision.  I am extremely grateful.  Thank you!

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