The Power of Positive Thinking

Good Morning Gorgeous.

How’s that sound for the first thing you tell yourself in the morning?  Dale Smith Thomas packed the place at KSB Hospital’s Women’s Wellness Event at The Historic Dixon Theatre.  Her message of positive thinking struck a chord with the over 500 people in attendance.

In addition to the public event, Dale shared her story over three 90-minute meetings with members of the KSB Family.  I look forward to seeing the stickiness of her message in our hallways.

Life can be tough.  The choices we make determine our attitude.  Choose to be positive and give yourself credit for the work you are doing.

Over the years I have worked with dozens of speakers.  None work harder than Dale Smith Thomas.  She came to Dixon one month early and did a business and media tour.  She stood at the entrance of the theater before and after each session, greeting those in attendance and proving her message was who she is not part of the show.  I have seen speakers “turn it on” when the lights come up.  Dale turns it on every moment of her day.

It was a pleasure bringing Dale Smith Thomas to Dixon.  I look forward to a lasting friendship.

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