1,120 Pounds

The KSB Mission Trip to Cusco, Peru has begun!  Our CEO, David Schreiner said the most important thing is to make sure you bring back all nine members.  Not only did all nine members of our team arrive but we arrived carrying 1,120 pounds of luggage.  We had 22 large suitcases packed to capacity.   Twenty one luggages had 50 lbs and one with 70 lbs.  It was a Cusco miracle that we made it through four flights with all supplies in hand.
However, the first Cusco miracle happened in Dixon, IL.  The generous donations from our KSB family and KSB communities allowed us to bring the items that were requested for the mission.  We received so many donations.  To highlight a few the number of toothbrushes, toothpastes, vitamins and match box cars was astounding  As a group we found it our duty to pack every inch of our bags with supplies.  We also used the portable scale from the OB department to ensure we were as close to 50 lbs as possible.   As you can see from the pictures sorting the items was so fun and started the spirit of the trip.
We are so fortunate to have three members of our team on their second mission trip.  It allowed us to be able to prepare for the trip on a whole new level.  There were notes from last years team members to ensure we could make this trip the best possible experience not just for us but for the communities they served last year.   As we left the KSB parking lot we were cheered on by members of last years trip.  We know we have huge shoes to fill.  Last year team’s left their mark on Cusco and we are so excited to continue this tradition.

We are grateful for the KSB Community support and look forward to sharing our journey with you in the next week.  So much more to come…. maybe even another picture of Dr. Nag eating a guinea pig!

-Dr. Pratip Nag, Dr. Greg Reckamp, Dr. Deb Drengenberg, Lynn Knodle, Suzanne Ravlin, Teresa Shroyer, Wendy Sofolo, Kate Rycek
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