To The Child Around The World by Pratip Nag, M.D.

To the child around the world 

In my travels, over the last 46 years, I have noticed in you the same beauty. You live in the moment with not many worries of the past or the future. You laugh and you cry without abandon to show your happiness and sorrow. You dream unabashedly without the worries of the past failures, the uncertainty of success or the judgment of those around you. You dream of ideas that others consider audacious! You are courageous to try something new without the fear of failure. You persistently think of how to solve problems in your own gifted ways. You are persistent by repeatedly asking and trying because you have the courage to try 10,000 times before you invent something new for the world. You GIVE even when you do not have much to give because you feel for others. 

KSB and the spirit of the child 

The people at KSB care and have the spirit of the “child” within themselves. This makes it possible for them to travel a mile or thousands of miles to help all the children of the world and their families live their lives full of joy and less of sorrow. Each trip to Cusco has been soulful for the groups of 9 that have come here. They work 12-hour days at a time, carrying heavy loads of donations from the community around us in Dixon, and amidst the heat and mosquitos, they have a true SMILE on their faces. They give without abandon their love, their knowledge, and their medicines.   

To the children we serve 

Don’t compromise on the qualities you possess. Live them fully so all the people around you will be filled with the spirit you have, and we will realize what Thomas Edison once said, if we all did the things, we are really capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” In doing so we can live the change we dream of and change the world around us! 


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  • Erin
    Posted at 11:51h, 16 April Reply

    Beautiful, Pratip. Thank you for this reminder about life.

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