Congratulations Corinne Zimmerman, KSB Hospital’s Daisy Award Winner

Every year, KSB Hospital recognizes and honors its nursing staff through a week-long celebration. After wrapping up a wonderful week of celebrating, it’s important that we reflect to not forget about the patient – and realize what nursing practice brings to the care of patients.

For the past six years, KSB Hospital has participated in the DAISY Award which is a nationally recognized award started by the DAISY Foundation. The foundation was started by the family of Patrick J. Barnes who died at the age of 33 due to complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). Patrick’s family was touched by the care provided by the nursing staff that they started a foundation to present DAISY Awards (Diseases Attacking the Immune System) to exemplary nurses nationwide.

Since beginning our partnership with the DAISY Foundation in 2013, the elite team of nurses honored with this award includes:

  • Anita Dunphy
  • Sue Shippert
  • Hilary Thomas
  • Diana Speck
  • Joni Adams
  • Jason Brusky
  • Kirsten Eddy
  • Sam Petty
  • Sandy Rackow
  • Tiffany Jones
  • Jessica Faley
  • Tiffany Hummel
  • Corinne Zimmerman

The DAISY Award offers an opportunity to assign value to the quality of care that is not easily quantified. Patient, families, nurses, physicians, and employees are encouraged to nominate a deserving nurse who:

  • Goes above and beyond to care for the need of the patient and family
  • Has a positive attitude and demonstrates professionalism
  • Exemplified the mission, vision, and values of KSB
  • Is thoughtful, compassionate, and caring in all situations
  • Is energetic and passionate about patient care
  • Takes time to educate and include the patient and family during the care process

KSB is now a bi-annual participant in the DAISY program, and during Nurse’s Week, we awarded a new nurse with this honor. All our DAISY nominees are invited to a reception to celebrate this honor. At the end of the reception, the winner is announced Friday before announcing to the hospital the following Monday.

At this reception, Corinne Zimmerman was recognized for her exemplary and compassionate nursing skill. Her nomination reads:

“Corinne was my sister’s nurse in November of 2018. My sister came home from South Carolina to visit and developed severe abdominal pain. She came to the ER to figure out what was going on. It was discovered that she had a very large, possibly cancerous mass on one of her ovaries,” wrote Emergency Department nurse, Blair Euell. “Corinne was phenomenal to my sister. She advocated for her to go to the best hospital for this issue, held her hand as she cried about the possibility of cancer at 28, encouraged her, and helped keep her comfortable during the transfer process. When her shift was over at 3:00 am, my sister was finally asleep, so Corinne left my sister a handwritten note telling her that she would be thinking of and praying for her. The next morning, she continued to check on my sister and my family and was so uplifting and positive. Without Corinne, this health scare would have been even worse than it was. I’ve seen how great Corinne is while working with her as a co-worker, but experiencing it first hand as a patient’s family member was unbelievable.”

Hilary Thomas, Emergency Department Director, was elated over Corinne’s award, commenting, “The care Corinne deliveries to each of her patients is exemplary. Not only is she clinically competent, but she also has a wonderful bedside manner that reassures each patient she cares for that they are in great hands. Corinne has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside, and her dedication to her patients and ED team are evident each day that she works. I couldn’t be more proud of Corinne and feel extremely fortunate to have her on my team!”

KSB is proud of their Nursing team and to be honored a Daisy Nurse, that means something!

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