The Road To Community Works – by Ray Sharp, KSB Hospital Chief Information Officer

KSB wrapped up Integration Testing (IT) 4 on Thursday, July 18th. This was our last integration testing session before our Community Works go live on September 9th. We have been working on the project for a year now, and I can honestly say the engagement, the effort, and the energy of the KSB team has been the best I have ever seen for a project in the 34 years I have been in Information Technology.

The engagement across the organization from leadership, physicians, clinical staff, and support staff has been tremendous for the whole year. Normally it is very difficult to keep departments outside of Information Services engaged in long projects, like an EMR implementation, because most people view the project as an Information Systems project. The whole KSB team is engaged in our Community Works project. They know it is a project that involves everyone at KSB and directly affects our ability to give our patients the best care.

The effort has been consistently at a high level throughout the year. Most people working on the project are also performing their normal duties every day. The dedication is on full display during integration testing weeks. During these testing events, the team is processing 50 – 60 real patient scenarios as test scripts and working together to make sure all the workflows are tested.

The positive energy in the room during Integration Testing 4 was outstanding. Everyone helping each other and although under a tremendous amount of stress and a heavy workload, did it all with a smile and positive frame of mind. This positivity is very important to sustain the effort and engagement throughout a 15-month project. There are always going to be high and lows, adversity and setbacks in long projects. The positive energy helps people through those tough times during the long process. This project team has kept the project energy high throughout the project! This is amazing given the adversity of a 6-month delay in go live.

Thank you to the whole KSB team for your engagement, effort, and energy. You all are the reason we are going to have a very successful go live!

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