Pulse 2020: What to Expect

For me, the end of the year is a time to reflect on all we’ve accomplished and to evaluate the effort and resources we’re putting toward our success going forward.

One of my top priorities going into 2020 is strengthening communications. You’ve already seen some of that commitment, and I’m appreciative of everyone who completed the recent KSB employee communications survey. It’s valuable for us to know what you want to hear more about and how you want to hear it.

Which brings me here, to the KSB Pulse. We started this blog in 2010 (can you believe it??), largely as a way to stay in better touch with our employees. Along the way, we’ve added other voices and perspectives. We’ve shared stories, celebrated lives, recognized colleagues, and tried to highlight some of the things that make KSB Hospital such a special place.

But, as you know, the world has changed dramatically since 2010, and so has KSB Hospital and the region we serve.

Today, our hospital is one of Lee County’s largest employers, with nearly 1,000 employees. Our hospital is the county’s leading provider of healthcare services, with state-of-the-art technologies like 3D mammography, an oncology partnership and soon to be announced expanded wound care services. Our hospital is an economic engine and a leading corporate citizen. And as such, the KSB Pulse is a valuable platform for our hospital – and its CEO – to share perspective on the issues that are most important to the people of the Sauk Valley.

I’m excited to announce a new partnership between KSB Hospital and Sauk Valley Media to publish a monthly column where, as CEO of our hospital, I will weigh in on some of the top issues on the minds of KSB employees, board members, partners, and patients. We’ll reprint those columns on this blog, with the hope of starting thoughtful conversations not only in the comments section but in the hallways of our hospital and at lunch counters across our community.

Given its position in our community, I believe KSB Hospital has an important voice to lend to the conversation. I look forward to sharing it with you in 2020, and I hope you and yours have a very happy New Year.

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