KSB Medical Mission Trip – Version 2.0

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Look out Cusco, Peru.  KSB is coming back! Friday, April 5 is the date that the KSB Medical Mission Trip – Version 2.0 launches from our hospital as nine team members heads to Cusco, Peru.  Last year hundreds of you followed along as we recounted our trip.  Look for daily updates beginning early next week. Our thoughts and prayers are with our team as they take off for this life-altering experience.  Safe travels!

The Power of Positive Thinking

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Good Morning Gorgeous. How’s that sound for the first thing you tell yourself in the morning?  Dale Smith Thomas packed the place at KSB Hospital’s Women’s Wellness Event at The Historic Dixon Theatre.  Her message of positive thinking struck a chord with the over 500 people in attendance. In addition to the public event, Dale shared her story over three 90-minute meetings with members of the KSB Family.  I look forward to seeing the stickiness of her message in our hallways. Life can be tough.  The choices we make determine our attitude.  Choose to be positive and give yourself credit … Read More

Sign Up For The Employee Meetings!

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It’s getting close to Employee Meeting Week here at KSB Hospital.  The meetings are a chance for me to share with the KSB Family how our organization performed last year and to present an inside look at what is coming in the year ahead. We always try to have something special for our team.  This year we asked our employees to submit videos of their children or grandchildren describing what their hero does at work.  You don’t want to miss this! I asked you for your questions on topics you want to hear about, and you responded with ten ideas … Read More

Email Me Your Thoughts For The Employee Meeting- And Win Some KSB Swag!

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The upcoming employee meetings on February 28 and March 1 are just that, your meetings.  I want to know what interests you.  Drop me a note either through email or through the comments section of this blog.  Tell me how you want me to use the time to answer your questions regarding your organization. If I use your suggestion I will credit you during the presentation, unless you prefer your suggestion remain anonymous.  If I use your question there will be some special KSB swag coming your way. I hope to hear from you! Dave

Words Of Gratitude From Dave

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I learned some things last week.  I learned what a polar vortex could do.  I learned that “generational weather” is not a good thing.  Moreover, I learned that the KSB Family cares deeply about our patients. I knew that last one.  You reinforced my learning when the weather was horrible, and all of us wanted to stay inside. You cared for over 750 patients on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, when the wind chill was -50 and the experts were telling us to stay inside.  The advice was solid.  Our patients needed to be served. That’s conflict. Deciding to … Read More

Introducing Our 2019 Employee Meeting Speaker

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Energy.  Enthusiasm.  Passion for life.   These are some of the words I use to describe our speaker for the 2019 KSB Hospital Employee Meetings, to be held at the Historic Dixon Theatre on Thursday, February 28 and Friday, March 1. These meetings are restricted to employees of KSB Hospital.  Ms. Thomas will be leading a community presentation on Thursday, February 28th at 7:00 pm.  Look for details on this event in the days to come. Here is a sneak peek from Dale’s website, https://www.winnersbychoice.com/. Dale Smith Thomas is the President and Founder of Winners By Choice, Inc. and she is … Read More

One Goal: Get the Cerner Transition Right

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KSB Hospital is in the middle of implementing a new electronic medical record (EMR) with Cerner.  We’ve done this before, and all hospitals have experienced the challenge of changing and/or upgrading their EMR. It’s a big job that impacts every member of the KSB organization.  We have committed significant resources to get the start-up right, beginning with hiring a seasoned healthcare Chief Information Officer in Ray Sharp.  KSB is investing in upgrades to our wireless network as well as working with a partner that will make the viewing of previous medical history easier for our providers and clinical teams. Every year I … Read More

2010 To Now: 650+ Posts On The Pulse

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In 2010 Congress passed Obamacare, the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill was in the news, a new type of technology called the iPad was released, Justin Bieber was topping the charts and, on  August 4, 2010, the first story was written on The Pulse.  This first post, copied below was the beginning of a journey that has lasted for over eight years, encompassing 650 posts. Somehow you found your way here, and I’m glad you did. Welcome to The KSB Pulse. Today signifies day one of an employee-centered blog highlighting all the great things about the people of KSB. I’ll use this … Read More

Celebrating Doug Lee

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Doug Lee concluded his term on the KSB Hospital Board of Directors recently, completing seven years of service.  Mr. Lee serves as chairman from 2017 – 2018. During Doug’s tenure, he formed a board quality committee, increased interaction during board meetings, and was the brainchild of the mission trip to Cusco, Peru. We wish Doug all the best in his new role as Associate Judge.  Thank you for your service!

Recognizing Chad Weigle

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As 2018 comes to a close, so does the board service for Chad Weigle.  Mr. Weigle joined KSB Hospital’s Board of Directors in 2016 and made an immediate impact.  He progressed through several board committees and had the most significant impact as Chairman of the Finance Committee. When remembering Chad’s service the words energy, drive and passion are frequently mentioned.  Please join me in thanking Mr. Weigle for his service to your organization.