A KSB Christmas – Activities to Launch the Holiday Season

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The calendar flipped from November to December, and that means KSB Hospital is gearing up to introduce the holiday season.  I want to share with you a few fun activities happening this week. A heated competition exists to see what Dixon area business can host the most successful Business After Business event, sponsored by the Dixon Area Chamber of Commerce and Main Street.  The festivities get underway at 5:00 on Thursday, December 6th on the 2nd floor of Commerce Towers.  With input from KSB Dietary and KSB’s Plant Operations and Housekeeping teams, this event is CLEARLY the marquee BAB in … Read More

KSB’s Snow Angels

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Working in healthcare can be a tough gig.  Most patients would rather be anywhere else than a hospital or a physician’s office.  We hurt people in the quest to make them feel better.  It’s expensive, and patients can, understandably, be demanding. Add a foot of snow on a Sunday evening / Monday morning, and things get interesting. And that’s when the KSB Family shows her true colors. Doctors were picking up co-workers at their homes because they can’t get the car out of the driveway.  Nurses walking to work at 2:00 AM and staying until noon because that’s when her … Read More

Mercy Hospital Tragedy

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The hospital community is mourning today over the senseless loss of life at Mercy Hospital on the south side of Chicago. A police officer, a doctor and a pharmacy resident died on Monday after gunfire broke out in the parking lot of the hospital and then moved inside. Hospitals and the men and women who do their magic within our walls are healers.  The hurt is especially prominent when we are threatened and even harmed by those we attempt to help. Illinois Hospital Association President AJ Wilhelmi stated in a press release “we owe it to them to find ways … Read More

AHA Recognizes Hospitals on National Rural Health Day

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On National Rural Health Day, the AHA celebrates rural hospitals’ dedication to ensuring communities can access the care they need. Rural hospitals are reaching beyond their four walls to keep their communities healthy, and the AHA is honored to serve and represent them as we continue our work to advance health in America. Please view a short video (https://youtu.be/Z4g0enS9E4s) honoring rural hospitals. Pay special attention at the 45 second mark of the video.  A picture I took on my iPhone earlier this year makes a guest appearance, highlighting KSB Hospital.

A Time to Be Proud – by Dr. El Bzour, KSB Cardiologist

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At KSB, part of our mission is to enhance health by providing superior care, now and in the future. For physicians, that means staying up-to-date on healthcare trends and technology so that we can continue to serve our patients with state-of-the-art, high-quality care right here in Dixon. Last month, I completed a procedure that I felt compelled to share with our community as a demonstration of how our hospital is continuing to learn and to live out our mission in everything we do. As the Chair of Medicine for Cardiology, I have performed many angioplasty procedures throughout my time here. … Read More

Get Out And Vote

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Wednesday afternoon I took 15 minutes out of the day and walked over to the Lee County courthouse to vote.  The short walk took much longer than the process of voting.  I was told that over 1,100 people have participated in early voting.  That was said to be significantly higher than prior years. Federal and State elected officials play a tremendous role in the way KSB Hospital operates.  Nearly 60% of KSB’s revenue comes from Medicare (Federal) and Medicaid (State). Get out and vote.  Take a few minutes between now and November 6 to exercise your constitutional right.  You have … Read More

What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?

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How many of you believe you will die?  Someone said the only things certain are death and taxes.  If you live in Illinois, I’m pretty sure you’re getting more taxes. I’m also pretty sure you will die. The one thing that keeps the questions interesting is when. I had the opportunity recently to hear Ben Nemtin, New York Times bestselling author and creative influence behind the MTV series The Buried Life, tell his experience over the last ten years as he attempts to check off 100 items from his bucket list, all while helping others achieve their dreams.  You can … Read More

Unveiling History

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A significant event happened this week in downtown Dixon.  After being covered for over a quarter century, lettering proclaiming “Dixon National Bank” was unveiled once again.  Dixon National Bank was purchased by Amcore in 1992 and new signage was placed, covering the name.  Amcore was subsequently acquired by Midland States Bank in 2010.  KSB Hospital purchased the building in 2017 and immediately renamed the facility The Lovett Center. The historic corner building opened as Dixon National Bank in 1914 and was purchased by H.O. Lovett and his son, Donald R. Lovett, about 70 years ago. New signage will appear at the … Read More

Scenes From The KSB Celebration

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If a picture says a thousand words, then there is some serious cuteness talking in these pictures.  These are photos from Thursday’s KSB Employee Celebration Event. Thanks to everyone from The KSB Family that makes our organization what it is… It’s The People!            

Want To See KSB Leadership In Cool Hats? Dietary Cooks Up A Special Tour

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Making a bald guy wear a hair net seems cruel, but I persevered, and the tour of Dietary was worth the effort. Earlier this Summer the KSB Leadership Team began touring one department a week.  The official photographer for the event was Chief Legal Officer Suzanne Ravlin.  Every Monday we invade a different area, much to the panic of the full-time occupants. The conversations and learnings have been nothing short of exceptional.  Not only does it show our team how much we care, it also gives us the chance to listen and hear what is on our team member’s minds. … Read More