Many of the biggest moments of our lives happen in hospitals

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“Many of the biggest moments of our lives happen in hospitals.” A rural hospital CEO spoke this line at a conference I recently attended.  Births, medical diagnosis, treatment of acute injuries, significant procedures, and even death.  All items significant enough to deserve a notch in the timeline of our lives. And they happen at a hospital.  At a LOCAL hospital.  At YOUR hospital. In 2014 There were 2,489 freestanding hospitals in the United States.  Freestanding as defined by not belonging to a system.  Independent.  KSB Hospital is freestanding. In 2018 the number of freestanding hospitals has fallen to 2,053. This … Read More

Coming Soon To KSB Hospital… Even More Doctors!

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The mission of KSB Hospital is to restore, maintain and enhance health by providing superior care now and in the future.  Nothing is more critical, or frankly more challenging, to realizing that vision than ensuring our community has access to the best physicians and advance practice providers (APPs) right here at home.  Recruiting caregivers to a rural setting has always been a long and competitive process, and with recent studies projecting the current shortage of doctors to increase to more than 100,000 nationwide in the next decade, it’s likely to get even more challenging to attract the best talent. Understanding … Read More

Memorial Day Thoughts

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As we embark upon Memorial Day weekend, I want to share observations from an event I attended in Washington, DC this week.  I was honored to be present at the retirement ceremony for Brigadier General Jay Burks, as he ended his career with the United States Air Force.  KSB’s leadership team will remember General Burks from his compelling presentation at our Leader Development Institute.  Getting to know Jay and his wife, Valerie, has been one of the highlights of my career.  They are among the most brilliant, loving, fun people I have ever met, and I am thrilled for them … Read More

Celebrating Hospital Week – What Makes KSB Successful?

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As Hospital Week 2018 concludes, I offer my sincere appreciation to the members of the KSB Family for everything you do that defines our culture and allows miracles to happen every day at KSB Hospital. As I pause and reflect on all the blessings of Hospital Week, I ask what attributes lead to success for an independent, rural hospital? Dedicated physicians that place the patient first. Always; Caregivers that blend attention to detail resulting in safe care delivered with big hearts that recognize the value of the people they care for as well as their colleagues; Support Team Members that create … Read More

KSB Medical Mission – The Final Chapter

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My job for the KSB Medical Mission was very straightforward.  Bring back the same nine people that left the KSB parking lot on April 14th. Mission accomplished. To tie a bow around the trip, I would like to focus on three themes. The Peruvian People Pride, Dignity, Humor, Patience.  These are a few of the words that come to mind when I think of the people our team served.  The children are beautiful, and very happy.  The people are kind and grateful.  Even though our team’s inability to speak Spanish hampered communication, it was clear that the people were pleased … Read More

KSB Medical Mission – Day 8 – by Pratip Nag, M.D., Chief Medical Officer

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This is the story of a soccer ball. The night before I left Dixon, my sons Jacob and Dylan deflated a soccer ball for me to take to Peru. A father is always proud when his children emulate the same values – they had already sent different types of chocolates and more than hundred matchbox cars – so I happily packed the soccer ball.   On the way to Cusco I imagined different ways I could use the soccer ball to have fun with the kids and adults we will see.  I imagined us playing soccer with the kids or … Read More

KSB Mission Trip – Day 7 – By Our Healthcare Professionals

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Today’s post shares the experiences of KSB Hospital’s Chief Nursing Officer Linda Clemen, R.N., Marissa Frost, R.N., Social Worker Julie Ammon, and Pharmacy Director Luke Herbert, PharmD. How does care in Cusco differ from KSB? The foundations of nursing, social services, and pharmacy in the US is to care, be kind and give the patient the best medicine to promote healing and health. The focus in Cusco, Peru is the same, only with limited resources. As nurses, we didn’t understand the language and we needed the physicians to utilize the interpreters, so we were left with nonverbal communication, caring touch, … Read More

KSB Mission Trip- Day 6 – By Greg Reckamp, M.D.

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As I review the last few days of providing care to some of the wonderful people of Peru, I realize that health problems are universal – arthritis, infection, cancer, kidney stones, glaucoma.  Every health problem I saw I could see in Oregon on Monday.  The difference of course are the resources available to treat these problems. In the United States we are blessed to to have many resources and medications.    But healthcare is more than resources.  Providing health care means caring, something that  is easy to lose sight of in the day to day frustrations of an office practice.  … Read More

KSB Mission Trip – Day 5 – by Tim Appenheimer, M.D.

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I was skeptical. How much real lasting benefit happens when a group of well-meaning medical personnel descend upon a remote village for a few hours, see a large number of patients, and then leave? No detailed medical histories are obtained, no regular follow-up is planned. Many of the patients that I saw were older adults feeling the results of a lifetime of rugged physical work in an unforgiving terrain. Sore backs. Arthritic knees. There was little we could truly do in a day. Then there was Pablo, a very thin man in his late fifties. He had been losing weight … Read More

KSB Mission Trip – Day 4- by Board Chairman Doug Lee

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If one word were to sum up Day 4 of the KSB Mission Trip, it would be “generosity.” From the moment we arrived in Ccatca, we knew we were in for a busy day. Scores of patients were waiting for us, and we had been warned most spoke Quechua, not the Spanish we became accustomed to the day before. Undaunted, the KSB professionals, assisted by four translators, sprang into action. With unparalleled generosity, the team treated over 230 patients in six-plus hours, breaking only for the time it took to wolf down a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The team’s … Read More