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One of the top priorities of this blog is to enhance communication among individuals and departments throughout the organization.  And because communication is a two-way street, I want to be sure you feel comfortable leaving comments on these blog posts.  In fact, many of these blog posts will be specifically designed to get feedback and input from all employees. In order to comment on a story, click the title of the story or the “# Comments” link at the bottom of the post.  Then, at the bottom of the post, you’ll find a blank text box and a “Comment as:” … Read More

Health Care Transparency

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Transparency is the new buzz word in health care quality. In progressing towards our goal of being The Best Place for Patients to Receive Care we need to do the right thing to to the right person at the right time. Patients have access to this data more now than ever before. Barb Stockton recently passed along an example of a consumer site. Compared to others I have seen it is quite comprehensive. You can view it by clicking here. KSB looks great! We’re doing many, many things very well. As with any quality measure there is always room for … Read More

Home Depot and KSB: The Art of Listening

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This morning I was reading some stock information on consumer retail giant Home Depot. The article centered on this company’s shift from the art of retail to the science of retail. The technological investments the company is making are expected to positively impact profits in future years. What does this have to do with KSB? Good question… stick with me on this one. Home Depot is putting a strong focus on its online presence. “Social networking “, such as its online gardening community, have thousands of participants that keep coming back to the site to exchange ideas with peers that … Read More

What’s In A Name?

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One of our organization’s three major goals is to make KSB Hospital the best place for physicians to practice medicine. I invited Tim Broos to share some thoughts on recent changes to the way we refer to certain physicians.  In the past, details like these have often fallen by the wayside.  I’m glad Tim could help shed some light on the process. -Dave   Tim Broos (Chief Information Officer) In the world of computer systems, there are a number of different ways of identifying physicians and providers at various times in the care of the patient. We all know about … Read More

The State (and state) of Illinois Hospitals

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I had the opportunity last week to participate in an Illinois Hospital Association task force. I want to share with you some interesting statistics shared at this meeting. There are approximately 200 hospitals in Illinois Hospitals are among the top three employers in 48 / 102 counties Hospitals care for 1.6 million inpatients each year 5.1 million patients visit Illinois emergency departments each year Over $1.5 billion in uncompensated care is provided by Illinois hospitals each year KSB closely represents these statistics. Be proud of what you do. Our community needs us to be there during the most crucial times … Read More

Welcome to The Pulse!

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Somehow you found your way here, and I’m glad you did. Welcome to The KSB Pulse. Today signifies day one of an employee-centered blog highlighting all the great things about the people of KSB. I’ll use this space to share stories about What’s Right at KSB. You have some work to do as well. In the right tab is a link to my email. You can also click the comment link found at the bottom of each story. I hope you will take the time to share great stories and, most importantly, your thoughts and ideas on what we can … Read More

Summer Intern Program

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I know this might come as shocking news for many of you, but kids do not grow up wanting to be hospital administrators. If one were to poll a group of kindergartners, the five year olds would respond with professions such as doctor, nurse, maybe even an occasional accountant. Hospital administrator… not so much. In 2010 administration decided to expand our organizations intern program. We hoped that putting our leaders in a position of mentor and teacher would help them to” sharpen the saw”. Based on the quality of young adults that have spent some time at KSB this summer, … Read More

Working Hard to Offer You the Best Retirement Plan

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One of our organization’s three major goals is to make KSB Hospital the best place for employees to work. I invited Julie Mann to share some insight on our ongoing effort to choose the best Third Party Administrator for your retirement savings plans. Julie and the HR staff have been working hard on this, and I know we all appreciate their expertise. -Dave Julie Mann (VP, Administrative Services) Listening to the news, you may think Healthcare Reform is the only benefit we need to focus on. However, retirement planning is just as important. If you think about it, Health care … Read More

Discharge Phone Calls Positively Impact KSB Patients

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Each month a sub-group of Leadership meets to review Arbor Satisfaction scores. Each department that is surveyed is projected on the wall and the numbers are discussed. We talk about best practices and what is working to increase our patients’ experience. This week we discussed Discharge Phone Calls. Martha Dailey was making calls when she spoke with a patient that “didn’t sound right”. Through specific questions and positive encouragement this patient made a visit to her family physician and ended up as a direct admit that day to our Intensive Care Unit. Discharge Phone Calls save lives. Carol Gugerty spoke … Read More

Dr. Arora & Hayden: Making Things Great!

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Mary Mahan-Deatherage received the following note from a patient of Dr. Arora’s: Hello, My name is (name removed) and my daughter Hayden (2yrs old) is a patient of Dr. Arora’s. Hayden had tubes put in her ears at KSB Hospital in April of 2009 and will return at the end of July 2010 for new tubes and to have her tonsils removed. I wanted to thank the hospital as well as Dr. Arora and staff for everything they have done for our family. I have received nothing but excellent service. I have been treated like a person and asked continuously … Read More