UPDATED x2: Darryl Vandervort Announces Retirement

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As you’ve probably seen on The OC or heard from a co-worker, Darryl Vandervort announced this morning that he’ll retire as President and CEO of KSB Hospital on April 1, 2011. This news will soon hit the local newspapers and radio stations, but we made a special point to announce it inside the organization first. The first news broke at 5 AM with a story on The OC. At 6 AM, a mass email was sent to all employees. By 7 AM, posters were located at each time clock pointing you to check out the news on The OC. And … Read More

Budget Hearings Help Identify Priorities

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Over the past week, all Department Directors met with Darryl, Deb, and I to go over their proposed 2011 budgets line-by-line.  I invited Deb Didier to share a 60-second answer for what makes these budget hearings useful. – Dave Click here to watch the video from a KSB computer Chief Financial Officer Deb Didier shares the importance of comprehensive hearings for the 2011 budget.

Building Better Systems To Care For Patients

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Following is a comment made by a Massachusetts hospital administrator: “Our systems are too complex to expect merely extraordinary people to perform perfectly 100% of the time. We as leaders must put in place systems that support great practice by people who suffer from being human and will make mistakes. Health care takes great people AND great systems. No matter how good you are as a healthcare professional you will make mistakes. We must have systems that catch your “humanness” before it gets to patients and causes harm.” Do you know of a system at KSB that needs to improve? … Read More

Where Did All The Suits Go?

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Did it seem a bit quiet around here last Friday? It might have… all Directors and VP’s went off site to the Quality Inn for a Leader Development Institute (LDI). Topics discussed included progress towards 2010 organizational goals, the new phone system, the 2011 budget, a panel of community business owners discussing customer service, and setting goals for 2011. Attached is a photo of Mama Cimino’s owner Jim Gallantine and Trein’s Jewelry Owner Linda Brantley.Management spent the afternoon on three topics: What can all 1,000+ KSB employees do to make KSB: The Best Place for Patients to Receive Care; The … Read More

Summer Intern Program

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I know this might come as shocking news for many of you, but kids do not grow up wanting to be hospital administrators. If one were to poll a group of kindergartners, the five year olds would respond with professions such as doctor, nurse, maybe even an occasional accountant. Hospital administrator… not so much. In 2010 administration decided to expand our organizations intern program. We hoped that putting our leaders in a position of mentor and teacher would help them to” sharpen the saw”. Based on the quality of young adults that have spent some time at KSB this summer, … Read More

Working Hard to Offer You the Best Retirement Plan

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One of our organization’s three major goals is to make KSB Hospital the best place for employees to work. I invited Julie Mann to share some insight on our ongoing effort to choose the best Third Party Administrator for your retirement savings plans. Julie and the HR staff have been working hard on this, and I know we all appreciate their expertise. -Dave Julie Mann (VP, Administrative Services) Listening to the news, you may think Healthcare Reform is the only benefit we need to focus on. However, retirement planning is just as important. If you think about it, Health care … Read More

Beth McLane Named Employee of the Quarter

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Dave Schreiner, Tim Broos, Beth McLane, and Deb Didier With five years under her belt as an Administrative Assistant, Beth McLane has gradually grown into her role working for both KSB Chief Financial Officer Deb Didier and Chief Information Officer Tim Broos. Now Beth is being recognized for her work by being named Employee of the Quarter for the fourth quarter of 2009. Beth received her award at a special presentation in the Cafeteria last Friday. “Beth has done an outstanding job as the CIO/CFO assistant,” Tim Broos said. “Her knowledge and efficiency with the computer are unsurpassed. Beth has … Read More