Scuff Marks and Why What We Do Matters

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I just finished what our Housekeeping Director refers to as my “scuff tour”. My walk around our facilities and rubbing out scuff marks on our floors. I stopped and talked to an elderly lady standing by herself waiting for her friend to pick her up for a ride home. She had completed a procedure with Dr. Rydzynski. She adjusted her glasses and looked up. First she grabbed me by my tie and told me to “never get rid of Dr. Rydzynski… don’t you ever let him leave Dixon!” She then shared with me that she finally has “all KSB doctors” … Read More

Physician Alignment

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This week I participated in the IHA Leadership Summit, along with members of the KSB Board and administration and leaders from hospitals across Illinois. As a part of the Summit, I was part of a panel discussion on Hospital-Physician Alignment. What does that mean? Basically, it’s an ongoing effort to ensure that the hospital organization and physicians have open communication, understand each others’ perspectives, share common goals, and work together to achieve those goals. It means that it’s not Hospital vs. Physicians, it’s a joint Hospital-Physician team. What do you think Hospital-Physician Alignment looks like in your department? From left … Read More

2012 Accomplishments

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As we celebrate the coming of a new year, we can’t forget to look back over the last year and recognize all the good things we’ve accomplished. Looking back on 2012, I see a heck of a lot to be proud of: we’ve improved the lives of countless patients and families, made KSB Hospital a stronger organization, and built a great team. I showed this slideshow to the Board of Directors at our December meeting. Take a look at everything we’ve accomplished together in the past year!

KSB Mourns the Passing of Winston Murray

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The KSB Family has lost one of its biggest supporters with the passing of Winston Murray.  Winston served on KSB’s Board of Directors from 1987 – 2004, acting as board chairman from 1991-1992 and again from 1997-1998.  Mr. Murray continued to serve on the Building & Grounds Committee after his departure from the hospital board.  Winston was named the 2008 Dixon Citizen of the Year.  I had the honor of announcing that recognition.  I’ll never forget the look of surprise on his face. His son, Michael, called me today to notify me of his passing.  Our thoughts and prayers go … Read More

Congratulations To Our Board Chairman

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KSB Board President Rick Curia has been named the 2012 Dixon Citizen of the Year.  Rick is the owner of Ken Nelson Auto Plaza on Galena Avenue in Dixon and has served as KSB Board President since January 1, 2011. Rick invests a tremendous amount of time, energy and effort in making KSB Hospital a better place for patients to receive care.  I am extremely thankful for his mentoring and generous willingness to share his experiences in an effort to make me a better leader. Congratulations Rick from all of your KSB Family! -Dave