Goodbye 2015… Hello 2016!

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New Year’s provides us all a chance to think about what we’ve been through, where we are today, and what lies ahead for the coming year. Some things change dramatically over time, but our core principles remain. Here at KSB, our job today is as it has always been: to provide the best possible care for our patients. No two patients are the same. Some encounter KSB in a doctor’s office, some in the Emergency Department, and some during a hospital stay. Regardless of the setting, when a patient enters our doors, they’re looking for competence, compassion, caring, and respect. … Read More

Dr. Lewis shares AMA letter: Physicians are not providers: An open letter to the AMA and medical boards

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KSB Hospital’s Dr. Don Lewis is one of the most well-read, “big thinker” individuals I know.  Recently he shared this letter to the American Medical Association that presents an interesting perspective on our physician friends and colleagues: Dear AMA and state medical boards, The last few years have been a period of unprecedented change in the world of health care. The need to reign in costs, expand access, and ensure higher quality care — all at a time of rapid medical and technological advancements — has changed innumerable aspects of the practice of medicine. Throughout this, one common theme has … Read More

What the heck is AHEC? – By Teresa Strum, R.N.

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Area Health Education Center (AHEC’s) are federally funded educational opportunities located throughout the United States. KSB Hospital hosts the Center, based at The Center for Health Services – Polo, covering 14 counties in Northwest (NW) Illinois. NW AHEC services are available to employees, employee’s children, neighbors, or anyone in the Centers service area. What can we do for you? Health Career presentations – These are provided to schools for students to learn more about careers in health care. Camps – The Rural Health Careers Camp is held at Rockford University in June. This is a 4-day camp providing high school students with a … Read More

Recapping the 2015 Employee Meetings

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KSB Hospital takes time during the first week of December to host our annual employee meetings. Our team travels to the Dixon Theatre and provides our KSB family with a review of the current year and a look ahead to the next. During my portion of the presentation I took the opportunity to express my frustration. I had stood before this group last year at our employee meetings and shared that there is no active affiliation activity.  I have been transparent with this message at quarterly employee forums, at meals with the administrators, in our newsletter as well as on this blog. … Read More

Communication Comes In Many Forms: Take Your Pick

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The late communications guru Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase “the medium is the message.” KSB Hospital, like many successful, high-functioning organizations, practices that in the way we communicate with our employees. Whether you’re a member of the Nursing staff using a smartphone to read the blog “Notes from the CNO,” a KSB Medical Group staffer holding a hard copy of The Connection, or a Housekeeping Department employee participating in a Meal with the Administrators, communication is all around us. “Effective communications with our employees is very important to the success of our organization,” KSB President and CEO Dave Schreiner said. … Read More

Reinvented: The Daily Huddle

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Happy New Year! With the changing of the calendar comes a changing of the Daily Huddle. In the Employee Communication survey you gave us valuable feedback about the Huddle, and we listened. You said you disliked the canned content we got from an outside organization. It’s gone. In its place is space for your director or supervisor to enter a topic that is directly relevant to you and your department. You said the Focus of the Day was repetitive. We agree, and we deleted that section. You said you wanted to know what was happening in a timely manner. We added a “happening @ ksb” section to cover … Read More

Daily Huddle Done for 2013

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As I announced at the Employee Meetings, based on your feedback in the Employee Communications Survey this fall, the Daily Huddle will be reinvented for 2014. As a part of the relaunch, we aren’t publishing new Huddles until January 6, 2014. For the next two holiday weeks, you won’t have a formal Daily Huddle to read from, but I still encourage you to get together and discuss department happenings. Look forward to the January 6, 2014, edition for a new and improved daily team meeting concept. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

eSOAR Update: Thursday Evening

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The eSOAR status team met again this afternoon for a daily update of our system implementation, here are some notes: An email was sent to physicians earlier today with a screenshot walk through for viewing patient records from the ED.  Another screenshot tutorial will soon be sent out to educate physicians on using the “Pause/Break” function on Wyse Terminals. Dr. Appenheimer and Leslie Mann are developing this resource.  Weekend tech support will be available by calling x1164. We have coverage by tech staff, system champions, and nurse leaders throughout the weekend. We’re working on a plan for support staffing over … Read More

eSOAR Update: Wednesday Evening

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As we move towards the end of the second week of the eSOAR Clinical and Financial system, the newness is wearing off and understandably, excitement and enthusiasm can be replaced with frustration. I perfectly understand. The work happening behind the curtain may not be as obvious as we’d like, however it is happening at a fast pace. When users discover something wrong with the system or suggest an improvement, a work ticket is generated. Our team of consultants said we began the week with nearly 500 work tickets. After a lot of hard work, we’ve brought the number of outstanding … Read More

eSOAR Update: Monday Evening

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Welcome to week two of eSOAR. While we’re still working on a smooth and effective deployment of eSOAR, you’re probably getting used to the new screens and the new workflow, and hopefully that’s helping to promote better quality and satisfaction. Here are today’s updates from the eSOAR daily meeting: We’re working on processes for the ED to handle electronic orders and registration for patients before they’ve been assigned a physician.  Barb Stockton and the Medical Staff Services department are preparing for notifying other departments when a new physician is added.  Laboratory and other departments are working on very detailed issues … Read More