I have an idea…

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In this week’s Employee Forums, we’re asking you several questions about our strategic plan and about how KSB should position itself in the future. One of those questions is: “What new service line should KSB offer?” I know you only get about 30 seconds to think about the answer during the forum, so I decided to open a little contest here on The Pulse. After you’ve had some time to think, what new ideas do you have for services that KSB should offer? Comment on this post with your name and you’ll be entered to win a $25 gift certificate … Read More

Contest: Win 100,000!

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UPDATE: Brandie Miller is the contest winner! Congratulations Brandie! Come on…there’s no way we’re giving a $100,000 prize on The Pulse! But I’ll tell you what, to mark our 100,000th visitor to The Pulse, we’ll give away more than ₩100,000 South Korean Won. That makes a pretty good prize! To be entered for a $100 Gift Card (worth more than ₩113,000 Won) enter a comment with your name before we reach 100,000 visitors on the ticker to your left. KSB Hospital strives to be the best place for employees to work. If you were in charge, what would you do to help … Read More

Name it!

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I asked Aaron Fox to share some information on a new project we’re undertaking in 2012. It doesn’t have a name yet, but if you read through this post, you’ll see that’s where you come in. – Dave  Aaron Fox, Director of Safety and Property Management Beginning in 2012, KSB Hospital will launch a new initiative designed to “enhance the health of our community”, as our mission calls us to do.  This initiative, which you’ll help name, will work with community agencies, schools, and local employers to offer wellness services throughout our service area. These services include things like blood … Read More

National Food Day Quiz

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UPDATE: 1) Kale; 2) Parsnip; 3) Red Pepper; 4) Broccoli; 5) Eggplant; 6) Zucchini; 7) Carrot; 8) Brussel Sprouts; 9) Sugar Snap Peas; 10) Acorn Squash; Bonus) Tulip Bulb Winners, out of 43 total participants: Melanie Rick, Barb Morehead, Dr. Risha Raven, Angie Shugars; Nichole Duffy.  Barb Morehead was the only winner to correctly identify the bonus item.   Today is National Food Day, and to mark the occasion, I invited Carrie Grobe to test your knowledge here on The Pulse! – Dave Carrie Grobe, Wellness Dietitian If you’ve visited the cafeteria, you probably noticed the table full of vegetables … Read More

A New Look (Again & Again)

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Here it is! A fresh coat of paint on The Pulse and a new look to commemorate the 50,000th visitor to this employee-centered blog. You waited a year for this new design, but the idea behind this reconfiguration is that you’ll never have to wait that long again.  This new blog design will get a brand new background every week or so–some will be holiday themed, some will be seasonal, some will relate to a major event or celebration, and some will just be picturesque scenery.  As always, the purpose of this blog is to communicate between all employees. If … Read More


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Wow! We did it. 50,000 visitors to The Pulse at almost the same time as the one-year anniversary. That deserves a celebration!  Visit ksbpulse.com Monday morning to see a complete redesign of the blog and the announcement of the comment contest winners!  Thanks for all you do to make KSB Hospital a wonderful place for patients to receive care, for employees to work, and for physicians to practice.  – Dave

Seeking Your Opinions

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Closing In On 50,000! UPDATE: The Pulse is only one year old, yet we’re already approaching our 50,000th visit! To celebrate this milestone, we’re holding a contest: anyone who comments on this post before we reach #50,000 will be put into a drawing to win a gift certificate for $50, $25 or $10 from the KSB Gift Shop! Watch the traffic counter to the right and get your comment in before we hit 50,000. I need your feedback.  Take a look at the two questions below, give them some serious thought, and respond through the comment function.  I look forward … Read More

We have a winner!

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The pop quiz is over and you did great! An impressive 21 people shared their “Top 3 Things KSB Hospital Does Well” with everyone.  Take a minute to read the comments from your co-workers.   I promised a special prize if we reached 20 comments, and since we met and surpassed that goal, we’re awarding a $25 gift certificate to the KSB Gift Shop to one lucky winner.  Rosie will receive her gift certificate via interoffice mail in the next couple days. Congratulations Rosie Eisenberg!  Commenting on “A Pop Quiz”      Rosie Eisenberg said…                1.Strives for great patient satisfaction. … Read More

The Pulse Welcomes Its 20,000th Visitor!

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WE MADE IT! 20,000 VISITS TO KSBPULSE.COM SITE LAUNCHED 164 DAYS AGO  Congratulations to Sue Hageman, winner of the Comment Contest! Here’s the deal: since we launched The Pulse in August 2010, we’ve seen more than 18,000 visits! To help celebrate this success, we’re hosting a comment contest to tie in with reaching the 20,000 visit mark. The prize is a $25 gift certificate to the KSB Gift Shop! To enter: speak your mind, share your thoughts, or offer your praise in a comment on any story (except this one…) on The Pulse.  All comments submitted before the counter on … Read More

Why is KSB the Best Place for Patients?

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We had 23 comments and 8 ratings for “What makes KSB the Best Place for Employees to Work”, and I’m hoping for the same kind of success with this one. Congratulations to Mary Sanders, whose name was drawn from among those who commented, as the winner of a $25 gift certificate to the KSB Gift Shop! Here’s this week’s question: What makes KSB the Best Place for Patients to Receive Care?