Great Training Calms Mile-High Medical Emergency

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Carol Gugerty told me this story to highlight the benefits of the excellent education program for employees.  She asked that we tell the story to praise the great teachers and trainers–I’m adding a pat on the back for Carol too. – Dave      Carol Gugerty, Chief Nursing Officer, recently returned from a trip out west where she took some well-deserved time off.  On her flight out, about an hour after leaving Chicago, a flight attendant came over the intercom and asked if there was a doctor or nurse onboard.  Carol flagged down the attendant and offered to help with whatever … Read More

OB Dept. is Ahead of the Curve

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Special thanks to Carol Gugerty for bringing this story to my attention.  Starting next year, all hospitals will be required to educate new mothers on sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).  Carol pointed out that we’ve been doing a comprehensive education program for our new mothers for years.  In the video below, Sandy Dennis was kind enough to talk about the education efforts in The BirthPlace. – Dave Click here to watch the video from a KSB computer Sandy Dennis shares the story of educating new mothers about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and how KSB Hospital has been offering this … Read More