Dr. Reckamp Leads By Example

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Great patient care begins with great physician leaders. Here’s a note from House Supervisor Donna Sandoval that describes how helping hands help lighten everyone’s load. – Dave  Dave, Tonight was an exceptionally busy night. ER was full and busy adapting to their new computer system and the Med/Surg floors were equally busy with a large number of admissions. Dr. Reckamp took notice and jumped right in to help. He took the initiative of personally bringing his patient up to his room from the ER. While he brushed it off and said “its not that hard”, the point was that he … Read More

Emergency Department Receives Praises

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The following is an email I received through The Pulse. It is being shared with permission from the author. – Dave I wanted to take a moment to write you a note regarding a recent visit to the ER. My wife and I were in a bad accident on Monday night near Dixon due to the weather conditions. Our car flipped thanks to black ice and both my wife and I were injured with my wife sustaining the worse of the injuries. I must tell you that being in a strange location, hurt and not sure of anything – your … Read More

Working Together To Provide World-Class Care

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KSB’s Laboratory and Emergency Department have been working collaboratively to improve our turn-around time for troponin studies. This is a test to determine if a patient is having a heart attack. Our benchmark is 50 minutes, and frankly we frequently exceeded that in the past.  In looking at the last half of 2010 we have reduced this time to an average of around 37 minutes. Congratulations to all for their hard work in providing world-class care to our patients! -Dave

Teamwork At Its Finest

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If you got up early enough Wednesday you were able to witness a truly moving event: the opening of KSB’s new Emergency Department (or at least half of it). People starting rolling in around 2 a.m. They came in two by two. IT, Housekeeping, Administration, Plant Operations, Physicians, Nursing, Medical Imaging…you name it. We were rallying around one cause: to create a strategic, safe transition from the old space to the new. Special recognition needs to go to Darryl Vandervort. The morning went off without a hitch, largely due to his hands-on planning and supervision. Mission accomplished. Thanks to everyone … Read More

Wait A Minute! – ED Wait Times

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An AP article in the Tuesday edition of The Telegraph covered the increasingly popular practice of displaying Emergency Department wait times on bulletin boards. Some ED’s are advertising how long the wait for care will be in their ED. It is real-time information that allows the consumer to make a choice about where to receive care. According to Dr. Nick Jouriles, emergency medicine chief at Akron General Hospital in Ohio, “The longer people stay in the emergency department, the more likely they’re going to have complications, deaths. If they’re elderly, they’re more likely to end up in a nursing home.” … Read More