Does social media work? A CEO’s Dilemma

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Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram. These are but a few of the available mediums for communication. Are any of them effective? A 2014 study by Social Media Examiner shows “92% of marketers have increased their exposure through social media and 80% had positive results in higher traffic to their site.”  According to the study, increased traffic results in greater brand loyalty, marketplace insights, growing business partnerships and improved sales. That’s great if we are selling golf balls, but does if matter if we are selling hospital services? Image matters. KSB Hospital has built our reputation over 120+ years.  It … Read More

Recapping the 2015 Employee Meetings

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KSB Hospital takes time during the first week of December to host our annual employee meetings. Our team travels to the Dixon Theatre and provides our KSB family with a review of the current year and a look ahead to the next. During my portion of the presentation I took the opportunity to express my frustration. I had stood before this group last year at our employee meetings and shared that there is no active affiliation activity.  I have been transparent with this message at quarterly employee forums, at meals with the administrators, in our newsletter as well as on this blog. … Read More

Q&A for the Employee Meetings

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It’s that time of year again! Next week we’ll gather at the Dixon Theater for the annual Employee Meetings. As we always do, we’ll answer your questions at the end of the meeting. Ask a question in the Comments section below and we’ll answer it at the meetings or in a follow-up post on The Pulse. It’s that simple: What do you want to know?

Mythbusters: Suggest a Topic

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As you’ve seen on posters and around timeclocks, the July Employee Forums will have a Mythbusters theme during which we’ll address some of the frequently asked questions and popular misconceptions about KSB Hospital. With a struggling economy, a changing healthcare industry, ongoing technological advances, and an evolving community, rumors and speculation have a way of creeping in to everyday conversation. We’re committed to honest, transparent communication across the organization, and that’s just what we hope to achieve in the upcoming Employee Forums.  We need your input to ensure we can address the questions that are on your mind. What rumors … Read More

UPDATED: 10 Reasons to Attend This Week’s Employee Forums

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UPDATE: We held four Employee Forums today–two at TSC and two at KSB–and had incredible participation! So far, we’ve had 246 attendees. We’re aiming to beat 350 attendees to earn the prize drawing. Remind your coworkers about the Friday forums at 7:45, 9 and 10:30 in Conference Room 1. Thursday, April 5 and Friday, April 6 will bring the second employee forums for 2012.  Here are the Top Ten Reasons to attend: You will have the opportunity to cast your vote and drive KSB’s strategic plan for the future; Rumor has it the event will be “of historical significance”; The … Read More

Connecting the Dots: Employee Forums

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What a great start to our third round of employee forums! We had great crowds, a variety of departments, and new employees and veterans alike. And the free Dippin’ Dots ice cream didn’t hurt either! – Dave A great group for the final forum. The nine o’clock crowd hears the latest news. The early crowd on Tuesday morning. Employees from a nice mix of departments attended the Monday afternoon forum. A standing room only crowd on the first day of employee forums.

Q&A: July Employee Forums

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Many of you attended the first round of Employee Forums in April–see the photos here–and you’re invited to again join us for a candid discussion of what’s new and important at KSB Hospital. Clear, timely communication is essential to an effective and enjoyable workplace. As a part of good communication, you’ll have several chances to ask questions of me and our leadership team.  The first chance is here on The Pulse, adding a comment to this story. We’ll address some of The Pulse questions during the forums, and we’ll answer every question in a story following the forums. The second … Read More

Employee Forums Draw Good Crowds

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DAY THREE A great turnout at Town Square Centre. DAY TWO A capacity crowd for the 2 o’clock forum. DAY ONE The 7 o’clock crowd is ready to talk. A great showing for the 8 o’clock group! A big group came in for the 10:30 forum!