We’re Taking Action

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I wanted to share just how important your comments on The Pulse can be.  Early Friday morning,  two comments were posted regarding safety issues near the entry to the lower level of the parking deck.  The two comments raised important issues about the location of the parking attendant booth and visibility problems for cars exiting the deck. By noon, Plant Operations staff had addressed both concerns. The booth has been moved back several feet, and is now snug against the concrete structure.  This new location, pictured here, will help free up space in the entry and allow more room for … Read More

Looking Forward to the Employee Meetings

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The Annual Employee meetings are beginning on December 8th.  Your Administrative team is working hard to prepare a meaningful, informative event. Here’s where you come in.  I want you to tell me what you want to know.  Is there something you always wanted to ask but never have?  Are you confused about something going on in the organization, or the direction we are headed?  If you have a question about something it is very likely that others do as well. Use the Comment button below and send me a question.  Darryl has a Q  & A session during the meetings, … Read More