Welcome to KSB – By Professional Development Group Member Alicia Carlson

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Ever wonder why the friendly faces at Check-In are ALWAYS asking the same monotonous questions and ALWAYS seem to want yet ANOTHER copy of those pesky insurance cards? There is a valid explanation to this tedious rigmarole. A proper Check-In is a crucial component to the success of the billing process. In this day and age, information can change in a heartbeat. In the Patient Access department, we take a proactive approach to staying ahead of the game in keeping with the most up-to-date information. No two accounts are the same, and there is no cookie-cutter way to check in … Read More

Keeping Care Affordable at KSB – by KSB Chief Administrative Officer Julie Mann

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At KSB, we understand our role is to be here for the community we serve. After all, our mission is to restore, maintain and enhance the health of the community. There are many moving parts to carrying out this mission. In order to make a difference in your lives, we must focus on the things that matter — like providing superior care, recruiting and maintaining outstanding caregivers, and providing them with the high-quality tools and equipment they need. All of this requires continual investment. Innovations in medicine have improved recovery and quality of life for millions of people, but those … Read More

Budget Revisions Coming

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Last Friday, the leadership team was challenged to revise their departmental budgets for the second half of the year. As a part of new developments, KSB Hospital is poised to receive considerably less payment for services beginning soon. First, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois has indicated that they intend to renegotiate the contract they have with us. According to the terms of the agreement, they can give ninety days notice to end the current contract and renegotiate a new one. Several hospitals across the state have recently renegotiated contracts, so we have some idea of what to expect.  Second, the … Read More

KSB Ranks #1 in Illinois VBP Score

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Value Based Purchasing (VBP) is a program administered by the federal government to incentivize clinical quality and patient satisfaction in American hospitals.  In general, hospitals contribute 1% of Medicare payments in to a pool, out of which money is returned to hospitals based on their ranking among fellow hospitals.  For example, a hospital may contribute $1 and receive back $1.50 if they score higher than other hospitals. A low-scoring hospital may contribute $1 to the pool, but only get $0.75 back because of a low ranking. According to recently released data from the Illinois Hospital Association, KSB Hospital ranks #1 … Read More

Answering Tough Questions on Billing

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As employees of KSB Hospital, sometimes we’re asked by members of the public about aspects of the organization that go beyond our department. I invited Deb Didier to share some answers on our billing process that will help you next time a friend inquires. – Dave

Budget Hearings Help Identify Priorities

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Over the past week, all Department Directors met with Darryl, Deb, and I to go over their proposed 2011 budgets line-by-line.  I invited Deb Didier to share a 60-second answer for what makes these budget hearings useful. – Dave Click here to watch the video from a KSB computer Chief Financial Officer Deb Didier shares the importance of comprehensive hearings for the 2011 budget.