Q&A: Area Hospital Workforce Reductions

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Swedish American Hospital in Rockford recently announced a reduction in workforce. They eliminated some positions and made the decision not to fill others. Salary increases were postponed. Why would this happen? Could this happen at KSB? Let me start with some topics on which we can all agree: Reimbursement for the work we do is decreasing. Government payors (Medicare and Medicaid) are paying us less and taking more time to pay. With the budget pressures facing the state and federal government, that’s not going to change anytime soon. Commercial insurance is placing tremendous pressure on hospitals to do more with … Read More

Celebrating Healthcare HR Week

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I invited Suzanne Ravlin to share some information about Healthcare HR Week and the great staff we know in Human Resources here at KSB. – Dave  This week marks the first ever Healthcare HR Week, March 11-17. It’s a week dedicated to recognizing HR professionals from healthcare organizations across the US for the issues they face in talent management, such as sourcing patient-focused caregivers, compensation and benefits, employee relations, healthcare reform and more. We are so lucky at KSB to have such great employees. You are our customers and we strive to have high satisfaction from all of you! I … Read More

Payroll Challenge

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Last week some of us didn’t have our paychecks properly deposited. I learned a great deal about our organization during this challenging situation. I learned, once again, how much our Administrative Team cares for our KSB family. I also learned how fortunate we are to have Suzanne Ravlin and Karen Suik as part of our Leadership Team. I watched as they worked through every one of the challenges that arose from the bank processing error.  In the end, their commitment to finding a solution for even the most unpredictable problems led to the best possible outcome for each of us … Read More

Payroll Issues

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To:       All Employees From:  KSB Administration Date:    November 10, 2011 In regards to the November 10th payroll, due to a bank vendor error, payroll funds will be deposited on Monday, November 14th. We recognize that this may cause a hardship.  KSB Administration is working closely with Midland States Bank to minimize the inconvenience for KSB employees. Here are your choices: Take no action.  Wait for the funds to be deposited in your account on Monday; Get your payroll funds via special check on Friday.  Midland States Bank will open their downtown branch at the corner of Galena and … Read More

Marital Advice Applies to Employee Surveys

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I invited Suzanne Ravlin to share some thoughts on the employee survey and why it’s important for all employees to participate. Our goal is to be the best place for employees to work, and this survey helps us identify our strengths and weaknesses toward that goal. – Dave Suzanne Ravlin, Director of Human Resources My husband often says, “I can’t read your mind!” And for once he’s right.    We want to know what you think about working at KSB Hospital, but we can’t read your mind either!   Since we can’t read minds, we’ve put together a survey to … Read More

You’re Invited to the Employee Benefit Fair

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I invited Suzanne to share this invitation to the Employee Benefit Fair–a great opportunity to learn about the many benefits you’re eligible for as an employee at KSB Hospital. – Dave  Suzanne Ravlin, Director of Human Resources All employees are invited to drop by the annual Benefit Fair, hosted by the Human Resources department, Thursday and Friday in Conference Room 1. Hours are 1:30 to 6:30 p.m. on 11/4 and 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on 11/5. The Benefit Fair is designed to inform you of the upcoming benefit enhancements and changes coming soon. Employees are eligible for a wide … Read More

Peer Interview Program – What Do You Think?

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We’ve been using the peer interview program for nearly two years.  Every month I survey new employees during orientation to gain their perspective on the process. As I see it there are four distinct groups affected by the peer interview program. The candidate The KSB employees on the peer interview team KSB employees that work with the new team member The Director that gains feedback into making the employment decision All of us are a member of one or more of these groups.  How do you see the effectiveness of the peer interview program?  Use the comment button below to … Read More