Keeping Care Affordable at KSB – by KSB Chief Administrative Officer Julie Mann

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At KSB, we understand our role is to be here for the community we serve. After all, our mission is to restore, maintain and enhance the health of the community. There are many moving parts to carrying out this mission. In order to make a difference in your lives, we must focus on the things that matter — like providing superior care, recruiting and maintaining outstanding caregivers, and providing them with the high-quality tools and equipment they need. All of this requires continual investment. Innovations in medicine have improved recovery and quality of life for millions of people, but those … Read More

Social Media & Our Workplace

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We’ve had some discussions here recently about social media, a continually-growing presence in many peoples lives. I invited Julie Mann to share some thoughts on social media and how it relates to our workplace. – Dave Julie Mann, VP/Chief Administrative Officer Hopefully everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season. What a great time of the year to see photos of the family and friends as they celebrate! Social Media has become a tool that allows people to stay connected to each whether they live far apart or just down the street. I loved seeing photos of my family that I could … Read More

Q&A: Julie Mann on PDL

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In another edition of the Employee Meeting Q&A, Julie Mann provides clarification on the Paid Days Leave policy. To best communicate the details of the PDL program with you, this Q&A topic also appears in today’s issue of The Connection. – Dave Julie Mann, Chief Administrative Officer Based on the latest Employee Survey comments, there seems to be some misunderstandings related to the hospital’s Paid Days Leave (PDL) program. This article addresses the following comments: “Holiday time off should be separate from your PDL.” “PDLs should not be used for short term illness ie-flu if a staff calls off for … Read More

Q&A: Julie Mann, CAO

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In another edition of the Employee Meeting Q&A, Julie Mann answers several questions pertaining to departments in her division. – Dave Julie Mann, Chief Administrative Officer With all the construction and remodeling we have done and are continuing to do is their any thought to maybe having some sort of development committee with people from various departments being on it to bounce feedback off of? The construction people do great work and the architect does nice designing it, but sometimes things get overlooked and its especially noticeable to the people who are in that specific area everyday, not the architect … Read More

Relay for Life Raises $82,000 to Battle Cancer

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I invited Julie Mann to share a story of how KSB Hospital and our employee family participated in a community fundraiser. Julie was the team captain for the “Keeping Special Birthdays” team, one of two KSB affiliated teams. Thanks to all who participated and all who donated! – Dave Julie Mann, VP/Administrative Services Many KSB employees, friends and family turned out for a successful Relay for Life event Friday night, which raised more than $82,000 to help researchers find a cure for cancer.  Due to the threatening weather the event was held indoors at the Dixon High School gym. However … Read More

Q&A: Paychecks and PDL

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In the latest edition of our Employee Meeting Q&A, I invited Julie Mann to answer some questions on paychecks and PDL. – Dave Julie Mann, VP Administrative Services Thank you to everyone who posted these excellent questions on The Pulse.  I’m glad to have the opportunity to clarify some policies and update you on progress we’ve made regarding paychecks and PDL. The first question asked for a status update on computerized paystubs.  Following a survey of employees done last year, we’ve decided to go forward with this transition.  The switch is still in the works, and we are planning to … Read More

Working Hard to Offer You the Best Retirement Plan

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One of our organization’s three major goals is to make KSB Hospital the best place for employees to work. I invited Julie Mann to share some insight on our ongoing effort to choose the best Third Party Administrator for your retirement savings plans. Julie and the HR staff have been working hard on this, and I know we all appreciate their expertise. -Dave Julie Mann (VP, Administrative Services) Listening to the news, you may think Healthcare Reform is the only benefit we need to focus on. However, retirement planning is just as important. If you think about it, Health care … Read More