Driving Away The Flu

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Linda Clemen, Chief Nursing Office to me: I want to do a drive by flu shot clinic. Me: OK. That was the conversation that launched a program that served 673 patients over four Wednesday’s in October, right at the front entrance of KSB Hospital. The KSB Nursing Division took this project on and made it their own, often with volunteer hours dedicated to improving the health of the communities we serve. Pictured are Jerry and Venessa Schnake of Dixon.  They were the lucky 500th vaccination and received a gift certificate to Lori’s Gift, a retail store inside KSB Hospital. I … Read More

A Special Place In Our Hearts

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People that care for others have a special place in my heart.  Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, Firefighters, Police Officers.  The list goes on and on. Our community’s collective hearts were broken recently with a murder/suicide that claimed the life of Christopher, a kindergartner at St. Anne School in Dixon. St. Anne is my home parish.  This school is where both of my children completed kindergarten through 8th grade.  It remains a magical place. Many of those wonderful people that care for others have children and grandchildren of their own. Memories of losing a child are not often forgotten. My thoughts and … Read More

“I Am Blessed” by KSB Hospital Nurse Leader Jill Scheffler, RN

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As the holidays fast approach us, we all are running around decorating, shopping, wrapping, and baking like crazy people. I am one of those crazy people, trying to organize my life so that Christmas this year is the perfect miracle.  Why am I doing this to myself?  Well this year I am blessed to spend some of my Christmas Day here at KSB working as many healthcare professional do on the holidays.  I am not being sarcastic when I say “I am blessed” to be working on Christmas Day because I get to do what I love “taking care of … Read More

Care the way it is supposed to be

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When I am sick, I own the responsibility for feeling better. I rely on health care professionals at KSB Hospital to coach me back to optimal health. This week I saw this process in action. KSB’s Leadership team has committed to spending two hours twice per week “In the Work”. This gives us the opportunity to break away from meetings and office time and visit where care is being delivered. I spent Tuesday morning observing our Interdisciplinary Team. This team is composed of the attending physician, the attending nurse, a pharmacist, a social worker, and a nurse from the Quality … Read More

KSB After Dark, by Nursing Coordinator Jill Scheffler

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At KSB Hospital, like many health care settings, having staffed to work the night shift is crucial to maintaining quality patient care. While working the night shift may not appeal to all nurses; some thoroughly enjoy the setting. According to Navigate Nursing, 30 percent of nurses work the night shift and choose it for greater personal flexibility or higher pay compared to daytime jobs. Nurses claim calmer floors, increased patient-oriented care, and the opportunity to practice more autonomously as reasons for choosing to work overnight. Have you ever wondered what happens on the night shift at KSB Hospital? Do you … Read More

Practice Makes Perfect – KSB leads Illinois in CPR Initiative by KSB Volunteer Coordinator Grace Crowe

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Candace Lawson works on her infant CPR skills Acronyms are a common thing in the healthcare industry. A lot of the things that we do as healthcare professionals have an acronym attached to it. Even our job titles are in the form of acronyms, RN, CNA, MD. One exciting acronym, RQI, has made its way to KSB – also an acronym. RQI, Resuscitation Quality Improvement, is a new way to teach CPR skills to our staff. KSB is one of the first in the state of Illinois and across the nation to adopt this new technology-driven way to teach these … Read More

Videos: Hillary Thomas, RN, DAISY Award Winner & Nominees

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We recently brought The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses to KSB Hospital as a way to recognize two excellent nurses each year. We presented the first DAISY Award to Anita Dunphy, RN, last year during nurses week, and the second DAISY Award went to Sue Shippert, RN, at the December all employee meetings. Last week, during Nurses Week, we presented the third DAISY Award to Hillary Thomas, RN, for her extraordinary service to patients. Many great nurses were nominated, and I invite you to watch the nomination videos below to see just how special the nurses of KSB Hospital really … Read More

DAISY Award for Nurses

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We all encounter excellent customer service and patient car on a daily basis. Here’s a chance to give special recognition to a nurse who stands out in making KSB Hospital the best place for patients to receive care. Linda Clemen shares the details… – Dave Linda Clemen, VP/Chief Nursing Officer The DAISY Award for Extraordinary nurses is a prestigious award to thank nurses everywhere for the work they do. The award is given in memory of J. Patrick Barnes by the DAISY Foundation, an organization for the elimination of diseases attacking the immune system. Barnes’s parents experienced firsthand the skills … Read More

Med/Surg Moves to Report at the Bedside

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I invited Pam Moore to share a new procedure with you and provide some background on why the decision improves the patient experience. – Dave Pam Moore, BSN, RN, Assistant Director Med/SurgThe Evidence Based Practice; Bedside Report at shift change is distinctive to the nursing profession. The nurse to nurse beside report is described as a plan that includes the patient in the reporting process and is a new alternative to the traditional shift report. Bedside reporting is also an excellent way to build employee teamwork, ownership and accountability. During this report, nurses transfer critical information to promote patient safety. … Read More

The Significance of 71

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What is the significance of 71?  The 20th prime number (yes)?   The algebraic degree of Conway’s constant (Yes, google it)?  The atomic number of lutetium (yes again)? The car driven by Bobby Labonte in NASCAR (yes)? The number of victories achieved by the Chicago Bulls in the 1995-96 season, an NBA record (nope, that’s 72)? What is correct is that 71 is Thursday’s census.  According to historian Stephanie Wagner, who has seen a few high census figures in her 30+ year employment history at KSB, 71 represents the highest inpatient census since the late ’80’s. I’m proud of all of … Read More