Q&A for the Employee Meetings

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It’s that time of year again! Next week we’ll gather at the Dixon Theater for the annual Employee Meetings. As we always do, we’ll answer your questions at the end of the meeting. Ask a question in the Comments section below and we’ll answer it at the meetings or in a follow-up post on The Pulse. It’s that simple: What do you want to know?

Q&A: Dave Schreiner Answers Your Questions

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Dave Schreiner, President/CEO Q: How do you think our hospital will be affected by the proposed 28% Medicare cuts? (Destiny Gomez) A: The reimbursement cuts we expect from governmental as well as private payors will be a challenge for KSB. We are confident in our strategic plan and the emphasis on bending the cost curve and looking for operational improvements that maintain quality along with patient and employee satisfaction at the same time we remove steps and minimize disposable costs.  It will take all of us to harvest creative ideas and have the courage to implement them. Q: Have we … Read More

Q&A: Kevin Marx Answers Your Questions

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Kevin Marx, VP/Chief Practice Officer Q: With Dr. Khan’s passing I assumed that a new physician would be recruited to take over his practice, but have not heard anything about this. I don’t believe anyone could fill Dr. Khan’s place in the same way he did but still are there plans to replace him? Are the other doctors there simply taking on ALL of his patients? And are there any plans to change the signage at Edwards? I believe the signs still have Dr. Khan’s name on them. (Laura Ross) A: Dr. Khan’s passing was a great loss to his … Read More

Q&A: Deb Didier Answers Your Questions

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Q: What is being done to ensure physician orders are in accordance with new reimbursement rates and requirements? A: KSB is finding that physician documentation is the true foundation for evidencing patient care and today’s reimbursement model is more tied to that evidence. Physician documentation must demonstrate the intensity of service and treatment to each patient because this ensures that a corresponding ICD-9 code be appropriately included on the bill. Coding is the direct link to reimbursement and since mandated coding guidelines state that coding only be derived from physician documentation, physician documentation equates to reimbursement. The HIMS director has … Read More

Q&A: Linda Clemen Answers Your Questions

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Q: What is going on with the Cath lab? Why don’t we have coverage when Drs. Hanif and ElBzour areon call. It is frustrating to have coverage when you leave in the morning only to find out at 1900 there is no cath lab. (Kathy Keller) A: There is now 24/7 coverage for the Lab whenever Elbzour or Hanif are on call. If it is Iyer’s week to be on call there is no Stemi coverage after hours as an “Interventional Cardiologist” is not on call. It is no longer an issue of not having “staff” to cover, just the … Read More

Q&A: Julie Mann Answers Your Questions

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Q: With all of the talk of budget cuts, how does that affect our current construction and renovation plans? (Trese McNinch)  A: We understand that we need to make sure our facilities and equipment are in good working order so that we can continue to be the best place for our patients to receive care. As a result, Administration continues to review those projects and take appropriate action. As mentioned at the Employee Meetings, we are working with our Architects to develop a Master Site Plan in order to make the location of services patient centered. Q: Are we getting … Read More

Q&A: Tim Broos Answers Your Questions

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As promised, the questions you asked on The Pulse prior to the Employee Meetings have been answered by members of the administrative team. Below is the first in a series of answers to your important questions. Tim Broos, VP/Chief Information Officer Q: The commerce towers lab has had some excitement over this last month with patients passing out we have been talking with the supervisors about getting a panic button. At times there may be only one of us in there in the event this happens what is the suggestion for the techs as we certainly can not leave our … Read More

(41 Questions) Q&A: 2012 Employee Meetings

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It’s almost that time of year! You’re planning out your Thanksgiving dinner, starting to think about Christmas shopping, and bundling up a little more when you head outside. Here’s one more thing to keep in mind. We’re only a few weeks away from this year’s annual Employee Meetings at the Dixon Theatre. This year, we want to be able to answer questions efficiently and ensure that everyone gets to hear the answers. So we’re collecting your questions here on The Pulse in advance. Then, regardless of which meeting you attend, you’ll all get to hear all the answers to the … Read More

Q&A: Strategic Plan Employee Forums

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Thank you to the nearly 400 employees who attended a forum last week. I hope you heard some interesting and applicable information about the Strategic Plan. As promised, below are some of the questions asked during the forum, in case the question wasn’t asked during the forum you attended. – Dave Q – Is the eSOAR system Windows, DOS or AS400 based? A – Tim Broos explained that eSOAR is a Windows based product that is hosted in the cloud with some data also stored locally on KSB servers. Q – What happens in our cafeteria at the end of the day with the left over … Read More

Mythbusters: Suggest a Topic

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As you’ve seen on posters and around timeclocks, the July Employee Forums will have a Mythbusters theme during which we’ll address some of the frequently asked questions and popular misconceptions about KSB Hospital. With a struggling economy, a changing healthcare industry, ongoing technological advances, and an evolving community, rumors and speculation have a way of creeping in to everyday conversation. We’re committed to honest, transparent communication across the organization, and that’s just what we hope to achieve in the upcoming Employee Forums.  We need your input to ensure we can address the questions that are on your mind. What rumors … Read More