Q&A: Linda Clemen, CNO

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Linda Clemen and the nursing division directors compiled answers to your questions in another edition of Employee Meeting Q&A. Check out their responses below. – Dave Would you ever consider opening Peds for employees kids that are sick so they can come to work? Several years ago Pediatrics provided a service called Kid Kare for employees and the community which allowed parents to bring sick children to be cared for by the nurses in the unit. We encountered several issues, including sick children who were frightened to leave their parents, difficulty managing time with both patients and employees’ children on … Read More

Q&A: Julie Mann on PDL

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In another edition of the Employee Meeting Q&A, Julie Mann provides clarification on the Paid Days Leave policy. To best communicate the details of the PDL program with you, this Q&A topic also appears in today’s issue of The Connection. – Dave Julie Mann, Chief Administrative Officer Based on the latest Employee Survey comments, there seems to be some misunderstandings related to the hospital’s Paid Days Leave (PDL) program. This article addresses the following comments: “Holiday time off should be separate from your PDL.” “PDLs should not be used for short term illness ie-flu if a staff calls off for … Read More

Q&A: Julie Mann, CAO

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In another edition of the Employee Meeting Q&A, Julie Mann answers several questions pertaining to departments in her division. – Dave Julie Mann, Chief Administrative Officer With all the construction and remodeling we have done and are continuing to do is their any thought to maybe having some sort of development committee with people from various departments being on it to bounce feedback off of? The construction people do great work and the architect does nice designing it, but sometimes things get overlooked and its especially noticeable to the people who are in that specific area everyday, not the architect … Read More

Q&A: Tim Broos, CIO

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In the second edition of Employee Meeting Q&A, Tim Broos answers a couple questions on computers and technology in our organization. – Dave Tim Broos, VP/Chief Information Officer Q: Information is shared in the form of printed notes tacked up all over. Sometimes staff gets the information, sometimes they don’t. What is the likelihood of all staff members having access to OutLook and receiving all memos through e-mail? I have used this in the past and it is a very effective way for staff to receive the information they need. A: Having information sent through Outlook is a specific option … Read More

Q&A: Deb Didier, CFO

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Over the next few weeks, you’ll see the answers to each of the questions you submitted for the Employee Meetings. Of course, we didn’t have time during the meetings to address each of these questions, but we wanted to be sure and communicate answers here on The Pulse. Deb Didier is leading off this series with a question on hospital finances.  – Dave Laurie Regan I am confused about our Non-Profit status as a business, when our annual report suggests we have a surplus of money and operate in the black. When I worked at a non-profit in a former … Read More

Coming Soon: 2011 Employee Meetings

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The annual Employee Meetings will begin December 6th. Your Administrative team is working hard to prepare a meaningful, informative event. Here’s where you come in. I want you to tell me what you want to know. Is there something you always wanted to ask but never have? Are you confused about something going on in the organization, or the direction we are headed? All questions will be answered either during the meeting or in a follow-up post here on The Pulse. Use the form button below and ask a question. Be sure to include your name–since we won’t have time … Read More

Q&A: July Employee Forums

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Many of you attended the first round of Employee Forums in April–see the photos here–and you’re invited to again join us for a candid discussion of what’s new and important at KSB Hospital. Clear, timely communication is essential to an effective and enjoyable workplace. As a part of good communication, you’ll have several chances to ask questions of me and our leadership team.  The first chance is here on The Pulse, adding a comment to this story. We’ll address some of The Pulse questions during the forums, and we’ll answer every question in a story following the forums. The second … Read More

Answering Tough Questions on Billing

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As employees of KSB Hospital, sometimes we’re asked by members of the public about aspects of the organization that go beyond our department. I invited Deb Didier to share some answers on our billing process that will help you next time a friend inquires. – Dave

Q & A: Employee Forums

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I’m excited to announce a series of employee forums beginning April 8.  These forums will be scheduled quarterly and will offer an organizational update, share progress toward collective goals, and answer questions submitted by employees and departments.  No sign up necessary, just pick a forum and show up! Add a comment to this post with questions or topics you’d like to have addressed during the employee forums.  Ask a specific question for yourself, a question on behalf of your department, or a general question for the whole organization. By building strong communication and promoting transparency at every level, we can … Read More

Q & A: Ask a Dietitian

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Carrie Grobe, Registered Dietitian, is back with answers to the questions and comments you posted here. Total Carbs vs. Net Carbs If you take the total carbohydrate of an item and subtract the fiber (if 5 grams or more) and the sugar alcohol amount, then you will get the net carbohydrate. The net carb amount is the amount to count towards your daily carb intake. In other words, the net carbohydrates will affect your blood sugar. An example would be if a product serving contains 25 grams of carbohydrate, 11 grams fiber, and has 3 grams of sugar alcohol. 25 … Read More