KSB Ranks #1 in Illinois VBP Score

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Value Based Purchasing (VBP) is a program administered by the federal government to incentivize clinical quality and patient satisfaction in American hospitals.  In general, hospitals contribute 1% of Medicare payments in to a pool, out of which money is returned to hospitals based on their ranking among fellow hospitals.  For example, a hospital may contribute $1 and receive back $1.50 if they score higher than other hospitals. A low-scoring hospital may contribute $1 to the pool, but only get $0.75 back because of a low ranking. According to recently released data from the Illinois Hospital Association, KSB Hospital ranks #1 … Read More

Quality School Is In Session

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I asked Dr. Tim Appenheimer to share some information on recent Quality School education efforts. – Dave Dr. Tim Appenheimer, VP/Chief Medical OfficerValue stream mapping—plan-do-study-act—“just culture”—patient-centered care—evidence-based care—standardized order sets—“lean” thinking—root-cause analysis—crew resource management—“stop the line”—“swiss-cheese” model—high-reliability organizations… Around the country, healthcare organizations use these tool and concepts to increase the safety of the care given to their patients. High-quality healthcare organizations embed these concepts in their day-to-day work, trying to make certain that their patients receive the full benefit of current healthcare science. Value-based purchasing—pay-for-performance—Hospital Compare—quality report cards—Healthgrades—Leapfrog… These buzzwords are weaving themselves into the fabric of the healthcare … Read More

Setting Goals for Quality and Costs

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Below is a post I wrote as a part of my membership in the American College of Healthcare Executives. ACHE is an organization that provides education, best practices, networking and career development in the healthcare sector. – Dave Many of us operate on a calendar-year fiscal plan, and that means we are working our way through preparations for 2012. If you have been to any conferences or read our professional literature lately the message is consistent: increase quality and decrease costs. Those two goals are not easily attainable together.  I’m often guilty of overusing sports analogies, so I’ll do it … Read More

Building Better Systems To Care For Patients

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Following is a comment made by a Massachusetts hospital administrator: “Our systems are too complex to expect merely extraordinary people to perform perfectly 100% of the time. We as leaders must put in place systems that support great practice by people who suffer from being human and will make mistakes. Health care takes great people AND great systems. No matter how good you are as a healthcare professional you will make mistakes. We must have systems that catch your “humanness” before it gets to patients and causes harm.” Do you know of a system at KSB that needs to improve? … Read More

Health Care Transparency

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Transparency is the new buzz word in health care quality. In progressing towards our goal of being The Best Place for Patients to Receive Care we need to do the right thing to to the right person at the right time. Patients have access to this data more now than ever before. Barb Stockton recently passed along an example of a consumer site. Compared to others I have seen it is quite comprehensive. You can view it by clicking here. KSB looks great! We’re doing many, many things very well. As with any quality measure there is always room for … Read More

Quantity vs. Quality and Volume vs. Value

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Just this morning I read a quote on the topic of health reform from Maryjane Wurth, President of the Illinois Hospital Association. Mrs. Wurth commented “Incentives are moving from quantity to quality and from volume to value.” Quantity to Quality. In days past (OK, maybe its years past!) we were paid on a piecemeal basis. The more work we did the more we got paid. Eat what you kill. That compensation method does not necessarily apply today. KSB’s largest payor source is the government, including both federal and state. Mandated levels of quality in specific disease categories are required for … Read More