KSB Mission Trip – Day 7 – By Our Healthcare Professionals

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Today’s post shares the experiences of KSB Hospital’s Chief Nursing Officer Linda Clemen, R.N., Marissa Frost, R.N., Social Worker Julie Ammon, and Pharmacy Director Luke Herbert, PharmD. How does care in Cusco differ from KSB? The foundations of nursing, social services, and pharmacy in the US is to care, be kind and give the patient the best medicine to promote healing and health. The focus in Cusco, Peru is the same, only with limited resources. As nurses, we didn’t understand the language and we needed the physicians to utilize the interpreters, so we were left with nonverbal communication, caring touch, … Read More

Does social media work? A CEO’s Dilemma

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Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram. These are but a few of the available mediums for communication. Are any of them effective? A 2014 study by Social Media Examiner shows “92% of marketers have increased their exposure through social media and 80% had positive results in higher traffic to their site.”  According to the study, increased traffic results in greater brand loyalty, marketplace insights, growing business partnerships and improved sales. That’s great if we are selling golf balls, but does if matter if we are selling hospital services? Image matters. KSB Hospital has built our reputation over 120+ years.  It … Read More

KSB Corporate Wellness Team reaching out directly to the community

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While the bulk of KSB employees are busy caring for and supporting patients in our hospital and clinic sites across the community, I’m excited to share that our Corporate Wellness team has been busy the last few weeks at some of our area’s largest companies; BorgWarner and Wahl Clipper. On February 17, nearly 200 employees of BorgWarner attended one of six 30-minute presentations led by the KSB Hospital Corporate Wellness team and KSB Medical Group Physician Assistant Courtney Teller. Teller spoke about the importance of preventative healthcare checks and encouraged employees to take advantage of their free annual physical. To … Read More

KSB Hospital announces partnership with The Dixon Family YMCA

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Saturday is a big day for KSB Hospital and The Dixon Family YMCA, as we announce a 10-year partnership between our organizations. KSB and The Y enjoy a shared history of success. One of my mentors, Dale Presley, told me stories about a period in the 1960’s when KSB paid the utility bills and provided maintenance work for The Y during a time of hardship for that organization. Countless KSB team members have served The Y as board members, through fundraising efforts, and as volunteer coaches. Six years ago KSB formalized its relationship with a partnership that provided financial assistance … Read More

Children’s Hospital Music Video

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Patients and families at the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock face some of the most challenging conditions you can imagine. But they face those challenges together, with optimism and a good sense of humor. Take a look at their latest music video. These kids don’t back down in the face of a tough diagnosis, they stand up and roar.

Social Media & Our Workplace

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We’ve had some discussions here recently about social media, a continually-growing presence in many peoples lives. I invited Julie Mann to share some thoughts on social media and how it relates to our workplace. – Dave Julie Mann, VP/Chief Administrative Officer Hopefully everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season. What a great time of the year to see photos of the family and friends as they celebrate! Social Media has become a tool that allows people to stay connected to each whether they live far apart or just down the street. I loved seeing photos of my family that I could … Read More

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

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I’m really trying to stay connected in this “always-on” world in which we live.  The Pulse reaches out to our employees, we had over 325 people join us for last week’s employee forums, The Connection provides news items, Meals with the Administrators occur on a regular basis, and beginning March 1 The Daily Huddle brings our work units together to discuss timely issues. Tom Demmer, our resident tech guru and promoter of all things involving social media, has finally convinced me to enter the world of Twitter. You can “follow me” (if that doesn’t sound as creepy to you as … Read More

Home Depot and KSB: The Art of Listening

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This morning I was reading some stock information on consumer retail giant Home Depot. The article centered on this company’s shift from the art of retail to the science of retail. The technological investments the company is making are expected to positively impact profits in future years. What does this have to do with KSB? Good question… stick with me on this one. Home Depot is putting a strong focus on its online presence. “Social networking “, such as its online gardening community, have thousands of participants that keep coming back to the site to exchange ideas with peers that … Read More