What is world-class?

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This week, I’m updating The Pulse from a Studer conference I’m attending. You have frequently heard me talk about world-class health care.  World-class patient satisfaction.  World-class quality. How do we judge this?  Are we there?  Can we back it up with data?  Would someone from the outside agree with these lofty marks? Where do we find the right benchmarks to compare ourselves against?  How do we determine the gap between what world-class organizations are doing and what we are doing at KSB? Is your personal performance world-class?  Your department?  Your division?  If we are not there what is preventing us … Read More

Remembering a Studer Group speaker

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This week, I’m updating The Pulse from a Studer conference I’m attending. Many of our Leadership Group members will remember Beth Keane, a Studer Group speaker that shared her thoughts on world-class patient care at a past Leader Development Institute. Beth lost her battle with breast cancer and passed away in June.  Her message and her passion for serving others continues.  Take a few minutes to reconnect by clicking here to watch the video.

Using data to guide decisions

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Here are some more thoughts from the conference:  What if we had the ability to reduce variance in our organization?  Would quality improve?  Patient Satisfaction?  Employee Engagement? Our goal is to be the best place for physicians to practice medicine, employees to work, and patients to receive care. Would we move closer if we reduced variance and learned from best practices within our walls as well as the practices of the best in the country? You are going to hear more about iVantage, COMPDATA and White Cloud Analytics.  You are going to see work by Tim Broos that drills down … Read More

Why do we change?

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I’m updating The Pulse with a few more thoughts from the Studer conference:  The goal in healthcare is to improve quality and reduce cost.  Any argument?  Does it ever frustrate you that I have a never ending list of new ideas, new programs, new “things”?  Why do I do that? Because if we stay the same we perish.  If we think differently we have a chance.  If we see the same situation and act differently, thereby increasing quality and decreasing cost, then we have a chance. Pavelka Consulting forces us to look at the same situation and act differently.  Call it Lean, … Read More

It’s the people…

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Monday evening I joined three hospital CEO’s from Arkansas, Texas and Kansas to serve on a panel at the Studer Group conference titled “Taking You and Your Organization to the Next Level”.  The event was held at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont. The 90-minute session focused on patient satisfaction.  It reinforced the tenant that KSB is doing many things right.  We have the ability to tighten and hardwire our use of concepts that increase satisfaction;  rounding, AIDET, high-middle-low.  And we will. The bar to remain among the elite in the country in delivering world-class care continues to be raised. … Read More

Q & A: Employee Forums

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I’m excited to announce a series of employee forums beginning April 8.  These forums will be scheduled quarterly and will offer an organizational update, share progress toward collective goals, and answer questions submitted by employees and departments.  No sign up necessary, just pick a forum and show up! Add a comment to this post with questions or topics you’d like to have addressed during the employee forums.  Ask a specific question for yourself, a question on behalf of your department, or a general question for the whole organization. By building strong communication and promoting transparency at every level, we can … Read More

Principle #2: Measure the Important Things

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I’m excited to share this article from Deb Didier and Julie Mann announcing a team they’re heading up to help make KSB Hospital the best hospital in the country.  Thanks to the members of this new team for their participation and hard work! – Dave  Do you know how KSB measures the important things?  If not, you soon will.   Deb Didier and Julie Mann have recently organized the Communication of Measures team.  This team applies Principle Two, “Measure the Important Things” to patient satisfaction. They focus on interpreting the hospital’s tools for quantifying patient satisfaction, measuring progress, and helping … Read More

A Nurse’s Story

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The following is a story distributed by The Studer Group and passed along to me by Sandy Thompson.  It’s a great reminder of the impact healthcare providers have on patients’ lives. – Dave  A Nurse’s Story… Day 127 Each of our patients has a story to tell. One of our team’s chronic debilitating rheumatoid arthritis patients has an incredible story. She touches all who see her, including me. Our nursing staff would see this patient each week. Every time we saw her, she was either in her bed or in her electric wheel chair. She suffers from a severe hand … Read More