Reinvented: The Daily Huddle

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Happy New Year! With the changing of the calendar comes a changing of the Daily Huddle. In the Employee Communication survey you gave us valuable feedback about the Huddle, and we listened. You said you disliked the canned content we got from an outside organization. It’s gone. In its place is space for your director or supervisor to enter a topic that is directly relevant to you and your department. You said the Focus of the Day was repetitive. We agree, and we deleted that section. You said you wanted to know what was happening in a timely manner. We added a “happening @ ksb” section to cover … Read More

Daily Huddle Done for 2013

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As I announced at the Employee Meetings, based on your feedback in the Employee Communications Survey this fall, the Daily Huddle will be reinvented for 2014. As a part of the relaunch, we aren’t publishing new Huddles until January 6, 2014. For the next two holiday weeks, you won’t have a formal Daily Huddle to read from, but I still encourage you to get together and discuss department happenings. Look forward to the January 6, 2014, edition for a new and improved daily team meeting concept. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Conversation Around Gas Prices

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Did anyone else notice that gas jumped from $3.29 to $3.59 overnight? What impact does that have on our business?  Higher delivery costs, higher travel costs to get to work…  What changes might you personally consider when we’re hit at the pump? Give me your thoughts. – Dave

Home Care Department In Perfect Health

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Increased heart rate, rapid respiration, instant perspiration… signs of a heart attack, or did IDPH just show up to inspect your department?  Katie Van Stedum, Director of Home Care/Hospice, shared some details: KSB Home Health Care was surveyed by the Illinois Department of Public Health the week of August 8. The surveyors were with us for four days. During that time, they reviewed several patient charts and looked at our policies and the organization as a whole. They also did six home visits with nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy and a home health aide. The surveyors were very positive about … Read More

Playing to the Stats

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I found this sign in an elevator at a hotel in Springfield. It’s a pretty subtle message, but I think they’re telling me how to fill out their survey. Is the goal for me to be satisfied or for them to receive a good survey score? My hope is we strive to exceed expectations for patients and their families because that’s the KSB way of delivering world-class care. When we take great care of our patients, the survey numbers take care of themselves. – Dave

Discharge Phone Calls Positively Impact KSB Patients

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Each month a sub-group of Leadership meets to review Arbor Satisfaction scores. Each department that is surveyed is projected on the wall and the numbers are discussed. We talk about best practices and what is working to increase our patients’ experience. This week we discussed Discharge Phone Calls. Martha Dailey was making calls when she spoke with a patient that “didn’t sound right”. Through specific questions and positive encouragement this patient made a visit to her family physician and ended up as a direct admit that day to our Intensive Care Unit. Discharge Phone Calls save lives. Carol Gugerty spoke … Read More